Pirjo Polari-Khan is a native of Finland, graduated in 1980 with BA degree in ceramics from Wolverhampton Polytechnic England. Two years later she moved to California and established her studio in San Jose. The same year she became an exhibiting member of ACGA. The California sun, ocean and contact with artist around the world had a crucial impact on the direction her art work and color scale. Being a writer Pirjo continued to communicate her ideas and feelings through her sculptures. Influenced by Finnish multimedia and ceramic artist of the 60’s Pirjo prefers the natural, unglazed surface on her sculptures combining them with glazes and other materials as accents. Over the years Pirjo’s pottery skills and passion for sculpting have merged into objects that share both concepts creating “functional sculptures”. The Finnish and California nature and landscapes, seasons, water in its many forms, planets and the human connection to nature are the main subjects of her present work. In her humorous figurative sculptures, Pirjo calls her “Modern Venuses” European mythology and Goddess culture offers endless source for ideas. 


Artis: Pirjo Polar-Khan