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 “Evolution” 21” x 10”

White stained earthenware with found objects in a shadow box


Story: This shadow box with its labeled “specimens” could be found at a museum of the future. It depicts how women’s bodies have been shaped at the whim of the fashion over millenias. Should the prevailing trend of big boobs continue sooner or later there’ll be “a big bang” leaving us wondering what’ next. Don’t forget to quote me if/when one day you can buy a “boob kit” from a pharmacy and DIY like you would color your own hair.

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 “Venus” series: The “fore-mother” for my Venus series is the Venus of Willendorf, also know the Woman of Willendorf. This 4.3 “ high (11cm) figurine was found 1908 by archaeologist Josef Szombathy at a paleolithic site near Willendorf, a village in Lower Austria near the city of Krems. It is estimated to be made between 24,000 and 22,000 BCE. The figurine is carved from a type of lime stone that isn’t found at the local area and tinted with red ochre.

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Pirjo Polari-Khan

I was born in Seinajoki, Finland.  In my family there were artists, writers and musician so art became a way of life to me from an early age. I wasn't good in handicrafts at school so It even surprises me that I chose ceramics as my career. At school my mind was always somewhere else making up stories and I became a straight A writer. After the graduation from high school I wanted to pursue a career as a journalist but didn’t get in the School of Journalism that year. Instead I travelled to England to work in a family as an Au Pair, as was fashionable in the 70’s. I stayed to study Ceramic at The Polytechnic of Wolverhampton. After graduating 1980 I moved back to Finland and established my own studio. I produced mainly traditional earthenware pottery in my Dad's garage to pay off my student loan.

Moving to California in winter 1980 had a dramatic impact on the direction of my art; functional and traditional pottery-making gave way to sculptures and wearable art. I convey my ideas and feelings through hand-build forms with a preference for a natural unglazed surface, accenting them with glazes and other materials such as bronze and glass.

During my career, my pottery skills and passion for sculpting have merged into objects that share concepts creating “functional sculptures”. The human connection with the environment is the main focus of my present work. Surrealism also has influenced the personification of nature in my sculptures. I draw ideas from Finnish mythology, European and Egyptian god/goddess cultures -for my humorous, modern-day Venus figures- and from artifacts of ingenious people of New Mexico.



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